Sometimes, the best ideas come from unexpected circumstances.
We are a family that moved from our home of 35+ years in Delhi, to Mumbai, in order to bring our parents closer to us during the pandemic. The idea for EcoCushion Paper came about during this relocation.
While setting up our new house and during the transfer, our family was shocked by the amount of plastic bubble wrap in all our e-commerce orders and the quantities we needed to use to pack our belongings. Upon enquiring with our packers and movers for eco-friendly alternatives, the best response we got was ‘everyone uses bubble wraps’. It then struck us – why don’t we be the change we wish to see in the world!

That became our driving factor, and after months of research and endless living room discussions, we launched EcoCushion Paper, our start-up dedicated to encouraging a shift from plastic packaging to sustainable packaging solutions.

We are passionate and hopeful that the smallest of our efforts can make a huge difference. Our aim is not to be traditional suppliers but to be change agents and partners with businesses in educating them about environmental concerns of plastic pollution, providing value to them by protecting their products in transit, and enhancing their brand value by adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

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