Honeycomb paper wraps come in the form of rolls and are sold by meter. We have varied lengths and widths available for you to choose from.

Lengths available – 10 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 250 meters
Widths available – 12 inches, 15 inches, and 20 inches

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EcoCushion Paper Wraps are protective packaging wraps meant to cover the products directly for safeguarding them during transit, therefore being a direct substitute for plastic bubble wraps.

EcoCushion BoxFill is a void filler solution that is meant to fill up the empty space that is left in the corrugated box/ pouch after placing the wrapped product in it by providing maximum volume with minimum paper quantities, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Most damages in courier happen when the product collides with the sides of the box because it is not secured compactly (either the box is too big or there is not enough void filler), and this problem is solved by EcoCushion BoxFill.

Now that you’re clear on the difference in the purpose of the two products, let’s understand the differences in the two products in detail-

  1. Paper grade and paper quality
    Given the difference in purpose, the paper grade used for wraps is completely different from BoxFill. Wraps are meant to safeguard the product directly and ensure adequate cushion, so high strength kraft paper is used for these wraps. However, the purpose of BoxFill is to fill up the empty space in the corrugated boxes/ cartons/ pouches to avoid movement within, so to ensure maximum volume with minimum costs, 100% recycled honeycomb paper is used for this purpose.
  2. Usage style
    It is important for EcoCushion wraps to be fully stretched out to be able to wrap the product (with or without a dispenser). However a BoxFill needs to be dispensed to give more volume to be able to fill the void spaces in the box. As a result of these varied uses, the packaging design is completely different to address the respective purposes.

EcoCushion Paper is made of high strength kraft paper. We ensure the GSM of the paper is between 80-90. This is the globally accepted range to ensure that the paper is not too thick (as it does not take the honeycomb structure well, or too thin to ensure adequate protection) Other than GSM, we get our quality checks to ensure the right BF, tear factor, and tensile strength to ensure the paper is strong enough to not tear when stretched.

Yes, EcoCushion Paper will keep your glass/ ceramics absolutely safe just the same way as bubble wraps do.
Please ensure you stretch the wraps to the fullest to ensure the cushion, don’t compress the final packaging, and keep your product compact in the final box (i.e. don’t leave empty space). Please refer the link to see the do’s and dont’s of using honeycomb wraps https://youtu.be/TG8Lz-bdt7M

Paper rolls carry weight (a 50 meter roll weighs approx 2 kgs and a 100 meter roll is between 4-6 kgs depending on the width). For smaller quantities, we need to use surface courier. However for larger quantities we use transport (Like VRL etc.) which ensures optimization of costs.

Currently we are not stocked in any stores, but we do have resellers and partners in different geographies. You can order from us via our website or websites like Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Brownliving.com, etc. and for bulk orders you can contact our team via email or whatsapp