EcoCushion Paper Wraps

EcoCushion Paper Wrap is an environment friendly protective packaging with an innovative cushioning technology for safeguarding products. This is a recyclable and cost-effective alternative to plastic bubble wrap. To add to that, this beautifully crafted packaging provides a superior unboxing experience for customers.

The unique 3D honeycomb design of this paper allows you to stretch it to provide great cushioning and protection capabilities with minimum paper usage.

EcoCushion Paper Wrap is a superhero that helps you:

Save Money: Lightness of the wrap, keeps shipping & storage cost low
Save Space: Takes up to 80% less space than the traditional bulky plastic bubble wrap, when unstretched
Save Time: Operationally efficient and saves time as it is fast & easy to use without the need of automation
Save the Earth : Fully compostable product, 100% recyclable & biodegradable

Key features of this game changing packaging alternative :
• The cushioning and protection controls damage during shipping/transport
• Provides accelerated packaging and a superior unboxing experience
• The unique cells interlock among itself, hence no tape needed
• Designed with continuous perforations, thereby enabling you to expand and use it at any desired length without having to use scissors. So, it is customizable to any sized product
• Perfect for shipping ceramics, pottery, electronics, jewelry, wine, glass bottles and other fragile items, and for value added decorative items

EcoCushion BoxFill

EcoCushion BoxFill is a void filler solution that is meant to fill up the empty spaces that are left in packages (corrugated box or mailer bags) after placing the wrapped product in it. By using the honeycomb wrap technology, EcoCushion BoxFill provides maximum volume using minimum paper quantities (given the stretch ratio that honeycomb structure provides), therefore making it a lightweight, sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Most damages in courier happen due to movements inside the packed box because the product is not secured compactly giving it free space to move inside the box (i.e. either the box is too big or there is not enough fillers), and this problem is solved breezily by EcoCushion BoxFill.

Let’s understand why “honeycomb paper” forms a better void filler in comparison to other alternatives available:

Eco-friendliness: Honeycomb paper is made from renewable materials, is recycled and recyclable, and produces much less waste compared to other types of void fillers like foam peanuts and air pillows.
Strength and durability: EcoCushion BoxFill is made from strong, lightweight paper ranging from 80-100 GSM, that provides excellent cushion in boxes without adding excessive weight to the package.
Space Efficiency: EcoCushion BoxFill comes in the form of rolls of 100 meters or 300 meters, which take up less space, making it ideal for warehouse storage

Cost-effectiveness: Being a 100% recycled product, our void fillers are an affordable alternative to foam peanuts and other synthetic void fillers, making it an attractive option for small businesses and those looking to reduce packaging costs.

Customization: Honeycomb paper can be cut and shaped to fit the specific contours of an item, providing a more custom fit compared to other types of void fillers like shredded paper or thermocol

Overall, EcoCushion BoxFill is a versatile, cost-effective, and eco-friendly void filler that provides excellent protection during shipping while minimizing environmental impact.
Also read about : Difference between EcoCushion Paper Wraps and EcoCushion BoxFill

Also read about : Difference between EcoCushion Paper Wraps and EcoCushion BoxFill

EcoCushion Dispensers

EcoCushion Dispensers are very innovatively designed, compact machines to easily dispense and help stretch EcoCushion Wraps or Fillers to their maximum. These dispensers are portable and sturdy and need no electricity or power for usage, therefore making them very compatible with the smallest of workstations.

After an in-depth research of the alternatives available in the global and local market, we created these dispensers keeping in mind convenience of use, therefore enabling one person to handle the end-to-end packaging process with far greater speed and efficiency.

We have used the best-in-class quality and materials to make these dispensers sturdy and give them a longer life ( in comparison to market alternatives made of wood)

We have dispensers that dispense EcoCushion Paper wraps, EcoCushion BoxFill, and we also have our first in the industry- Combo Dispensers which can dispenser both wraps and void fillers together making it a one stop shop protective packaging station.