Why Honeycomb Paper Wrap is the Perfect Alternative to Your Plastic Bubble Wraps

Over the years, businesses across industries, including eCommerce, have been using bubble wraps as their top priority when it comes to protective packaging of their items for shipment. 

According to a market study on the Bubble Wrap Packaging Market published by The Future Market Insights, , the market size of plastic bubble wrap packaging in 2022 was an estimated 3 billion US  dollars while exhibiting a promising 3.4% CAGR between 2022 and 2029.

This growth is majorly driven by the rising demand for manufacturing and warehousing in packaging and the growing demand for eCommerce globally. Bubble wrap packaging is well-known for protecting goods in transit; however , it is made entirely of single-use plastics, thereby creating a huge environmental impact on Planet Earth.  

Now, in the wake of environmental concerns, consumers and businesses have started showing a higher preference for eco-friendly materials for their packaging requirements. With increased awareness of the effects of single-use plastics, moving towards eco-friendly packaging is the inevitable choice for the future.

In this context,  biodegradable honeycomb paper is the new superhero product in the protective packaging industry to replace single-use plastic bubble wraps. Honeycomb paper, also commonly called a paper bubble, is an innovative effective solution alternative made with high-strength kraft paper providing quality cushioning for goods. Made with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, this paper bubble packaging creates a unique die-cut 3D hexagonal shape when stretched (which also resembles a beehive pattern, hence the name honeycomb), which provides a very strong cushion that absorbs shock and delivers high levels of protection, therefore resulting in minimum damage of goods. Using honeycomb paper is a sustainable and innovative way to transit items in a secure and eco-friendly way, compared to traditional bubble wraps.

This article elaborates on why the packaging industry prefers honeycomb paper wraps as an alternative to traditional plastic bubble wraps.

Reasons Why Honeycomb Paper Wrap is Better than Plastic Bubble Wrap

Extremely strong and lightweight

The most important factor for any protective packaging product is strong protection and cushioning. Bubble wraps have been used since decades for this reason; however, the 3D cushion of honeycomb packaging is an outstanding innovation that  provides high levels of protection. 

The ability to protect  goods by providing a sturdy cushion and high absorption of shock makes this kraft paper packaging solution more reliable and safe to transit goods. Moreover, the packaging stretches by up to 40-50%, i.e. a 100 meters roll can actually be used up to 150 meters while wrapping, making it a very lightweight, compact solution. Adding lightweight protection, this paper wrap stretches and expands easily, which works best for delicate products made of glass or ceramic.   

Superior green credentials

This kraft paper-based bubble paper wrapping solution is the best eco-friendly alternative packaging industry so far. Unlike bubble wrap, the entire honeycomb paper wrap is made of renewable resources making it 100% recyclable and easy to dispose of.

Made from responsible resources, honeycomb paper wrap is one of nature’s most advanced architectural phenomena and is considered a replacement to Plastic Bubble Wrap due to its outstanding strength partnered with 100% recyclability.

80% lesser storage space than bubble paper

The design of this kraft paper hexa wrap resembles the inner structure of a beehive making it a very  compact design. Using this honeycomb wrap packaging alternative will save 80% of storage space in warehouses as it comes in the form of compact rolls and is easily stackable on warehouse shelves that saves huge rental costs for companies.

Highly cost-effective packaging solution

When compared with all other packaging solutions, honeycomb paper wrap is overall far more cost-efficient. Based on reviews of thousands of customers, they not only prefer this protective packaging for environmental or aesthetic reasons, but because they end up saving huge costs over a period of time. This is because of multiple reasons – 

  • Globally the prices of plastics are gradually increasing given the restrictions on plastic usage, whereas paper bubble wraps are becoming more economical given their large-scale adoption and usage. 

In addition to the beneficial unit cost comparison, honeycomb paper wrap saves storage rent costs as it takes 80% lesser warehouse space, is faster and more efficient to use in comparison to large bubble rolls, needs no cello tape or scissors (as it interlocks easily, and can be torn off by hand), is lightweight and allows packagers to do compact packing therefore also reducing the box size over continued usage. 

Highly flexible

The design structure of this kraft paper wrap resembles the highly expandable honeycomb structure. This ensures the honeycomb paper wrap comes with extreme flexibility and malleability.

With this paper wrap solution, packing awkwardly shaped goods can be done neatly and in a well-protected way. Moreover, it offers enough flexibility to mold around large products and ensures strong protection.

Easy-to-use & quick to pack

The lightweight and flexible paper wrap is extremely easy to use. Also, packaging can be done quickly. All you need is to pull the wrap,  stretch it until the honeycomb pattern appears, and wrap the goods by maintaining the tension. This packaging needs no scissors or tape and therefore saves extra packaging time and costs.

Bottom Line

As eco-friendly packaging becomes the new trend in the packaging industry, this honeycomb paper wrap has become a winning alternative for companies to adopt in place of plastic bubble wraps. As confirmed by EcoCushion Paper’s multiple repeat customers, you will not miss bubble packaging once you switch to this beautifully crafted packaging!

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